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FLEXXON HIGH IOPS – A Solution for Random Performance

Differences between Sequential and Random Data Transfer

Do you know that there are 2 types of data transfers through either sequentially or randomly and this determines the efficiency of its performances? Without realizing this, most users are not actualizing the full potential to achieve the optimal performances from their memory cards.

Many memory solutions in the market only focus on sequential data transfers which work well for large data transfer. However, using those memory cards to handle random data transfers will definitely slow down its performances. It is not developed to handle such processes where it has to gather and merge small random sets scattered all over multiple blocks into a static block every time.

Flexxon Optimal Solution for Random Performance

Our High IOPS (Input-output operations per second) solution is tailored to tackle such this issue. It is programmed to improve efficiency and provide high random performance when facilitating small data activities. For instance, it stores all random sets of data into buffer blocks and merges into a static block without any delay.

This solution offers 3 key features that help with its performances

–    Data Availability: Get maximum application uptime.

–    Storage Scalability: Expand storage capacity without disruption.

–    Storage Performance: No application latency ensures high performance.


Powered by Flexxon’s firmware architecture design, high performing optimization algorithm, and a unique manufacturing process, our solution optimizes random read performance and hit write performance targets.

Flexxon’s Memory Card complies with Industrial standards. It could meet a Minimum Random Read of 1,500 lOPS (input/output operations per second), and a Minimum Random Write of 500 IOPS, along with a Minimum Sustained Sequential Write speed of 10MB/s.


Such high-performance random writes are essential for the following applications that often carry out small data write activities:

  • Homecare medical devices and patient diagnostic systems
  • Seismic Recorder
  • Heavy Industrial Machinery
  • Control and Monitoring System
  • Agriculture Machinery
  • Access Control System
  • Networking & Telecommunication
  • Power Solutions
  • Rugged Tablets
  • Test and Measurement equipment
  • Weighing Machine

Other Product Features

  • SMART Tools: monitor the health and remaining life of your flash card to avoid critical failures
  • Advanced Wear Levelling: evens out erasures and rewrites in the memory blocks for an extended life span especially in embedded operating systems
  • Power Loss Protection: protects your data through a firmware solution, by moving the valid data before uncorrectable ECC page upon power recovery thereby minimizing data loss.

With the increased fluidity and high performance for managing small data writes using our HIGH IOPS solution, this helps to resolve a critical problem that some of our customers in the CIMA (Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical & Automotive) market constantly face as their applications require to perform small data writes.

About Flexxon

Flexxon designs, manufactures and markets Industrial NAND Flash Storage Solutions products, specifically serving CYBERSECURITY, INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL & AUTOMOTIVE (CIMA) applications and customers worldwide who demand the very highest level of reliability, endurance, and wide operating temperature ranges. Flexxon is 100% focused on developing products and solutions, which are customized to support various Industrial performance requirements for our customers.…